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May 08, 2012 · and msiexec is no longer running, I get: Cannot find a process with the name "msiexec". Verify the process name and call the cmdlet again. + CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (msiexec:String) [Get-Process], ProcessCommandException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NoProcessFoundForGivenName,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetProcessCommand Sep 18, 2019 · Command Line to Uninstall a Program using MSIEXEC. Programs installed with an .MSI are easy and has two choices: Uninstall Using the Installation MSI. If you still have access to the .MSI installation file you can simply run: msiexec /x <PROGRAM NAME HERE>.msi /q. Uninstall Using the App’s GUID. If you don’t have access to the .MSI installation file: May 04, 2016 · I've been building out a remote, silent Java Updater for awhile now. Making sure it works perfectly in my environment is not an easy task. I'm 90% there, I just have to get over the last few hurdles. "Clever" uninstall of msi packages/applications using PowerShell When I created my own PowerShell script library for BizTalk deployment automation I ran across the need to uninstall applications, both BizTalk applications and non-BizTalk ones, by only knowing their name. "Windows PowerShell 1.0 Installation Package for Windows Vista" Read 1/2 way down the above link. How to uninstall Windows PowerShell To uninstall Windows PowerShell 1.0 in Windows Vista, follow these steps: Click Start, in the Start Search box, type appwiz.cpl, and then press ENTER. In the list of tasks, click View Installed Updates.

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My solution thus far has been to wrap psexec in a powershell simply foreach construct and let psexec execute the msi commands on the remote computer. This gives you your next hop. I can’t see why it wouldn’t also work against this script “powershell -file ‘Install-MSIFile'” or something along those lines. Jul 31, 2018 · Open the StoreFront MMC, and if it allows you (which it likely won’t), delete all your stores. Open Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the Citrix Receiver if it is installed. Open an elevated Powershell console. Add the Delivery Services Framework snapin, remove all the Feature Instances, then confirm they are all removed.

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Jul 25, 2018 · Using PowerShell to Uninstall Applications. At a high-level, this is what my updated PowerShell script does: -Detects if the script is running in x84, x64 or WoW32 mode.-Reads both x86 and x64 uninstall registry keys. -Locates all versions of an application. -Loops through the list of ARP entries and collects the:-MSI name/GUID/Uninstall string. To remove a volume use Remove-AppxVolume -Volume E:\ If you dismount a volume you cannot use the installed applications on that location. You cannot remove a volume if any user has applications left on that location. You must first move/remove them. To run an application inside the MSIX container you can use the Invoke-CommandInDesktopPackage ...