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Dec 17, 2010 · The MINOR inconsistancies of SF numbers and counts arent that severe. EDIT: But expanding on that, yes: It can do everything you want. We have two key schedules, for Occupancy Classification and Building Usage. When theyre both filled in, it inputs values and calculates Plumbing fixture counts, egress width requirements, and occupants, etc. Oct 02, 2016 · In order to calculate the demand in gallons per minute, a factor q equal to the average volume rate of flow, in gallons per minute, to or from the plumbing fixture during actual operation is used. Again, in the case of flush tanks systems q=4 gpm, for flush valve systems q=27 gpm.

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Demand Weights of Fixtures and Estimate Curves 6 NFPA No. 54 ASA Z223.1 “Gas Appliances and Gas Piping”, copyright 1974 by National Fire Protection Association, International, Boston, Mass.

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Plumbing systems and equipment shall be constructed, installed and maintained in accordance with the California Plumbing Code. Private sewage disposal systems shall conform to the California Private Sewage Disposal Code. For minimum plumbing fixture requirements, see Table 422.1 of the California Plumbing Code. The calculator works out the number of toilet pans, basins and urinals from either: the building use and the number of people using the building, if known; or the building use, the occupant density and the floor area. Limitations of the calculator. The calculator, on its own, will not produce a Building Code compliant solution as it does not cover: Drain Fixture Unit, or DFU, is a plumbing design factor, or a relative measure of the drain wastewater flow or load for various plumbing fixtures. Here are two quantitaive measures of DFUs: 1 DFU = 1 cubic foot of water drained through a 1 1/4" diameter pipe in one minute.