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Pressure testing using a hand-operated pressure tester is a quick and easy cooling system test. The radiator cap is removed (engine cold!) and the tester is attached in the place of the radiator cap. By operating the plunger on the pump, the entire cooling system is pressurized. Sep 28, 2020 · The last few days of the month will feature warm, but mild temperatures around the Valley. Highs should reach the 100 mark, which is above normal for this time of year, but overnight lows are ... Upgrade the cooling system on your 2003-2009 Dodge Ram with an AFE 46-52061 BladeRunner Street Series Radiator. Built from 100% aircraft grade aluminum for superior strength, this Street Series Radiator features a larger tube and fin core (30% larger than OEM) to help lower temperatures and keep your Cummins running cooler.Oversized Tube and Fin Core:This BladeRunner Street Series Radiator ...

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This same system will be normal at 195-220 degrees F. with a 15-16 pressure cap and 50:50 mix of glycol coolant and water. A higher pressure in the cooling system offers a higher boiling point. In a sealed cooling system, the pressure the hot coolant creates itself performs this pressurization function automatically.

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If the system was left in this state you can get hotspots in the engine, lack of cooling and other problems which could very easily lead to the dreaded head gasket failure (HGF). It is essential that you bleed the system and purge it of any air. The recommended way to fill the system is to use a vacuum filler. Radiators operate under pressure. The Radiator Cap holds the pressure in until it reaches whatever pressure the cap is set for, usually ten to twenty pounds. When the engine gets hot from running, the internal pressure of the Radiator goes over the pressure of the Radiator Cap. The cap then releases that pressure into the Coolant Over Flow Tank.