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Jun 07, 2017 · Vue2Leaflet. Vue2 component that helps with leaflet interaction. How to display a map with a marker. Register Map and TileLayer components from Vue2Leaflet Apr 08, 2013 · 2. In addition I would like to ask if there is a way to change the user marker z-index so it will always be on top. I was trying to implement leaflet method "setZIndexOffset( offset )" to effect only the user marker without succes. It can be a really cool feature to bringToTop the user marker so close markers won't hide it.

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leaflet.polyline.snakeanim (latest: 0.2.0) Animates Leaflet polylines so they creep into full length; leaflet.icon.glyph (latest: 0.2.1) Allows you to put glyphs from icon fonts into your LeafletJS markers. leaflet.tilelayer.pouchdbcached (latest: 1.0.0) Allows all TileLayers to cache into PouchDB for offline use To run the examples locally, run npm run build and then open the one of the examples in docs/examples. Earthquakes. USGS provides GeoJSON(P) files with earthquake data, including time and magnitude. For this example, that data is read, parsed to the right format (start and end values in the GeoJSON properties), and added to a Leaflet.timeline.

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Changing the marker icons. You can change the marker icons, using the default Leaflet marker icons functions, or using helper libraries like AwesomeMarkers, VectorMarkers, MakiMarkers or ExtraMarker. Default Icons Default Leaflet Icon Orange leaflet Icon AwesomeMarker Icons. Blue Red Green. Tag USD Heart Home Cog Star Certificate. VectorMarker ... npm 0.0.4: 27 Aug 2018: Dan Wild. ... HeatmapOverlay moved out into external leaflet-heatmap-radius pkg: 24 Jul 2018 ... Rm tooltip from keyframe marker, npm v0.0.1 ... WebJars are client-side web libraries (e.g. jQuery & Bootstrap) packaged into JAR (Java Archive) files. Explicitly and easily manage the client-side dependencies in JVM-based web applications