Official product documentation to help you install, administer, and use Incorta Enterprise Analytics. Includes API and SDK guides for developers as well as information for business users. It’s becoming more common to split build and deployment infrastructure into distinct entities, and the account boundary in AWS is a good line to split things. Some of the tools don’t handle this that well, tho. CodePipeline is definitely one of them. AWS have documentation on how to 250 Wincott Drive, Unit 18402, Toronto, ON M9R 4C8 CAN. Mon - Fri 9.00 - 17.00. Sunday 10.00 - 16.00. 212 386 5575

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Update the IAM policy for your AWS credentials to add the "kms:CreateGrant" command. Once this command has been added to your permission policy in your IAM role or user, re-run your Skeddly action. The EC2 instance should start correctly. Ensure that your RDS database instances are using KMS CMK customer-managed keys rather than AWS managed-keys (default keys used by RDS when there are no customer keys available), in order to have more granular control over your data-at-rest encryption/decryption process.

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I have an encryption key in KMS and two roles: One KeyAdmin role which should be allowed to create a grant to the KeyUser role which should then be able to encrypt/decrypt with the key. {'Id': 'auto-ebs-2', 'Statement': [{'Action': ['kms:Encrypt', 'kms:Decrypt', 'kms:ReEncrypt*', 'kms:GenerateDataKey*', 'kms:CreateGrant', 'kms:DescribeKey ...