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We collect this info and calculate each team’s average win/loss projection, playoff odds and NBA Finals odds. Our heat chart below shows how each of the five sites we pull from ranks all 30 teams. We pull from FiveThirtyEight (538), numberFire (nF), Massey Ratings (MY), Team Rankings (TR) and ESPN. This is a dataset from FiveThirtyEight hosted on their GitHub. Explore FiveThirtyEight data using Kaggle and all of the data sources available through the FiveThirtyEight organization page! Update Frequency: This dataset is updated daily. Acknowledgements. This dataset is maintained using GitHub's API and Kaggle's API.

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Kevin Durant announced Monday that he was leaving the "comfort zone" of Oklahoma City and joining the team with the best record in the NBA: the 73-win Golden State Warriors. How FiveThirtyEight Calculates Pollster Ratings: covid-geography: ... nba-draft-2015: Projecting The Top 50 Players In The 2015 NBA Draft Class: info: unisex-names:

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FiveThirtyEight used Elo ratings, which, in simple terms, estimate a team’s skill level using the final scores and locations games, and Patriots teams of all different eras consistently scored high.