Devcon metal repair putty

Devcon (ITW) Bronze Putty is a 2 Part Hardener/Resin, Epoxy, Paste used to Repair, Bond, and Maintain Ferrous and non-ferrous metals and Metal. View datas Product description Devcon Plastic Steel 5 Minute Putty is fast-curing, steel-filled epoxy for dependable emergency repairs in less than one hour. Cures to a tough, steel-filled material. Can be machined, drilled, tapped or sanded. The original metal filled and machinable Devcon steel epoxy putty. Replaces welding for hundreds of routine applications and durable repairs Call Us: 086-137-2468

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Wholesale Trader of Devcon Putty - Devcon Titanium Putty, Titanium Metal Repair Putty, Interior Designers offered by Global International, Mumbai, Maharashtra. Plastic Steel Putty (A) Description: A steel-filled epoxy putty that cures at room temperature and is designed for filling, rebuilding, and bonding metal surfaces. Intended Use: Patching and repairing areas where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible Product features: Applies easily to vertical surfaces Machinable to metallic finish

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Metal patch and fill compound, water resistant, paintable, gap filling, gray, size 3 ounce. Use to rebuild metal surfaces and to repair worn surfaces by patching, filling and sealing. Once fully cured, it can be drilled, sanded or painted. No shrinking and no cracking. Use on glass, ceramics, rusted or corroded metal. ITW Performance Polymers Devcon Aluminum Putty F 10610 is an epoxy that is used for patching machinery, aluminum castings, and concrete. It can be drilled, tapped, and machined using metalwork tools. 1 lb Kit.</p> Part Number: 10610