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Jun 08, 2012 · Canon does this mainly because the film advance feature in your camera uses an infrared beam in order to assist advancement of the film. This infrared beam is always on, and since infrared film is sensitive to the infrared spectrum (duh ! ), the beam is capable of, and does fog the film. Canon, however, is a little less tolerant than you or I ... Canon used the same body style as their popular line of Rebel film cameras, and gave it a digital interior. It was a huge breakthrough, and made the digital SLR accessible to many more photographers. Canon Digital SLR Cameras Today. There's no denying it: Canon's digital SLR cameras are immensely popular. May 30, 2015 · Also have the other two on your list, the F3 is a much more refined camera the Nikon F & F2 IMHO but the one I love the most is the Canon F1. I still have the first F1 I brought new back in 1973 and have never fallen out of love with it or the later versions I have. Give that Canon EF a whirl it’s a great camera. Jul 26, 2016 · Note that the camera prices below are for body only and lenses are at the bottom of the list and prices are firm. Please don't email me wanting a lower price. I can and will separate lenses from cameras as I suspect some mirrorless folks may want to go there. I am available to meet this weekend in Edmonds if you are interested.

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Canon AE-1 Model Film Cameras. Traditional film photography is still a popular method of image capture. Canon is a well-known and respected camera brand and its AE-1 model film cameras still offer the perfect equipment for traditional photography.

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Last on our list is the EOS M6, a member of Canon’s mirrorless camera range. The sleek and stylish design of the M6 is backed up by a decent build quality. A 3-inch touchscreen on the back is tiltable (and can be used for selfies) yet feels sturdy when doing so. It’s easy to control a variety of options using it too. May 31, 2018 · Canon stopped building film cameras eight years ago, but it had still been selling them from old stock. Now, it has quietly announced that it will end sales of its last film SLR, the EOS-1V ...