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It uses a single policy (b2c_1_susi) for handling both sign-in and sign-up. Sign up for the app using any of the available account types, and try signing in again with the same account. Step 3: Get your own Azure AD B2C tenant. You can also modify the sample to use your own Azure AD B2C tenant. Microsoft Azure Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) B2C is an identity management service that enables you to customize and control how customers interact with your application. This interaction includes sign up, sign in, and managing their profiles when customers use your applications. You have the choice of applications for iOS, Android, and .NET, among others. Aug 28, 2018 · Azure AD B2B and B2Care aimed at providing secure authentication across on-premises, cloud and hybrid configuration.While Microsoft designed B2C for developers who want to build apps and services ...

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Jul 07, 2016 · Azure AD B2C offers multiple social identity providers Microsoft, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn and Facebook in addition to the local accounts. For the sake of this article, we will keep it to the default identity provider so no need to apply changes. Features of Azure Active Directory B2C. Seamless single sign-on (SSO) is one of the most important Azure B2C Features. The other important features are: Security- Azure AD B2C has built-in threat detection and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to keep your customer’s identity protected and secure.

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Nov 14, 2019 · Join me to secure your custom applications with Azure Business-to-Consumer, a Cloud identity service on Azure which provides out of the box identity providers like Facebook, Microsoft Accounts, Google+, LinkedIn, and many others, or you can add your own and leverage these in your applications as well. We will look the basics of Azure B2C, we will set up an application using Azure B2C for ... Azure AD B2C is used as the identity provider for federated authentication, providing a single sign-on experience in Dynamics 365 Portals and Connect 365. This documentation walks through the administrative steps to provision and configure an Azure AD B2C tenant, and configure Dynamics 365 Portals and Connect 365 to use B2C as their common ...