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The ADXL335 Triple Axis Accelerometer is a very small device that can sense accelerations in three different axis. ... A pin out diagram as well as an overhead image ... Pinout of ADXL335. The pinout of ADXL335 IC is given above. The pinout has more pins than what one would find in a commercially available product. One would be familiar with the three output pins and the pins for VCC and GND. The ST pin helps in doing a self-test of the accelerometer. The ADXL335 is called as accelerometer sensor or also a tilt sensor it is a small, thin, low power, complete 3-axis accelerator with signal conditioned voltage outputs. The product measures acceleration with a minimum full-scale range of ±3 g.This module is a breakout board for ADXL335 as it is almost impossible to use the sensor directly in ... Jan 17, 2020 · Here we are discussing about ADXL345 Accelerometer which is used to measure the acceleration or change in velocity in x, y, and z-axis. These small sensors are used in cars and bikes to detect accidents to deploy the airbags and are also used in mobile phones for a variety of applications like compass and location tracking. diagram in Figure 4. 1.1 Soldering Information The QFN package is compliant with the RoHS standard. Please refer to AN4077. Table 1. Pin Description Pin # Pin Name Description Pin Status 1 VDDIO Internal Power Supply (1.62 V - 3.6 V) Input 2 BYP Bypass capacitor (0.1 μF) Input 3 NC Leave open. Do not connect. Open 4SCLI2C Serial Clock Open Drain

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In general, ADXL335 is 3v3 compatible device, it's powered by a 3.3v source and also generates 3.3v peak outputs. It has three outputs for each axis, i.e. X, Y & Z. These are analog outputs and thus require an ADC in a micro-controller. NodeMCU solves this problem. We will be using the analog pin of NodeMCU.

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Connection diagram is shown below Testing 3 Axis Accelerometer with Regulator – ADXL335 with PIC16F877A, sample program is shown below. Using this program we are reading output from X,Y and Z axis during vibration.