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Re: Adobe Digital Editions? Post by xenopeek » Mon Jan 07, 2013 5:44 pm If you are on Linux Mint 14, open Software Sources from the menu and go to the Additional Drivers tab. Only physical eReader devices can sync with Adobe Digital Editions. If you are using an eReading application (iOS or Android), contact the publisher of that application for assistance. Connect your device via USB to your Windows or Macintosh computer. To check your Adobe username (it will be an e-mail address), open Adobe Digital Editions, go to Help on the toolbar, and click Authorization Information. To check your password you will have to click here , then at the top click Sign In and then retrieve it using your Adobe ID/email address.

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In the next screen select Adobe Digital Editions - 2011. Then just install Digital Editions as before; which is easier if you have your Adobe ID to hand. 3. Leave Digital Editions open. Then open Firefox and find and click a download link for an epub encumbered by Digital Editions. 4. In the download dialogue box select "Download with Digital ...

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Sobald Adobe Digital Editions gestartet ist, wird das tatsächlich heruntergeladene E-Book angezeigt. Sie können Ihr Buch jetzt auf Ihrem Computer lesen. Wie oben erwähnt, ist es bedauerlich, dass Adobe keine native Linux-Version von Adobe Digital Editions erstellt hat. Method #1 Convert ACSM to ePub with Adobe. Adobe Digital Editions is a free eReader to reader books across different devices, also it allows users to download and purchase digital content. After the purchase, you will get a ACSM file which allows you to download the ePub file later. Step 1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions.